Compressor and Equipment

Reliable control solutions

Equipment controllers use a combination of fixed and expandable I/O platforms to satisfy a wide range of customer performance and budget requirements. Configurability and optional features are built-in at the product level, so we can satisfy system requirements without the need for a custom design every time. System software is fully configured and undergoes full-functional testing before it leaves the facility, ensuring reliable, energy-efficient control.

Screw and Reciprocating Compressor controllers

The M&M Carnot compressor controller product line consists of hardened microprocessor panels specifically designed for the demands of industrial refrigeration. These controllers support everything required for proper energy-efficient control of your screw or recip compressor from most manufacturers. The compressor controllers make retrofitting older refrigeration compressor controls easy – all while increasing energy efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and functionality.

V4 Screw Compressor Micro Controller

  • All information presented on a large display with an easy-to-use menu structure and real-time animated graphics
  • Updates available using industrial-grade USB drive
  • Utilizes Windows-based PC Enterprise platform with easy-to-use HMI interface
  • Industry standard communications for integration with the outside world (Modbus RTU or TCP)
  • Isolated RS-422 communications for connection to control network
  • Multi-level security system with user tracking
  • Designed to support future expansion

Reciprocating Compressor Micro Controller

  • Designed to meet the needs and budget of any customer
  • Extensive control flexibility, safety, security, and energy efficiency
  • Information clearly presented on the compressor’s large LCD display
  • Easy-to-use menu structure
  • The NEMA 4-designed control cabinet consists of a door-mounted keypad and display, plus a high-efficiency universal power supply with a pre-numbered field wiring terminal strip
  • Multi-level security system with user tracking
  • Designed to support future expansion


Ice Rink

The standard ice rink control system covers single to multi-rink applications and includes controls for the refrigeration plant, subfloor warming, exhaust/ventilation systems, snow melt pumps, and lighting. Our Facility Planner Tool enables the rink operator to schedule floor temperatures and lighting for different activities up to a year in advance, taking all guesswork out of the operation.

  • Reliable, long-life microprocessor-based control system
  • Single or multi-rink operation
  • Local LCD graphic display and keypad
  • Local and remote access using PC Monitor Enterprise
  • Detailed logging and alarm reporting
  • Floor temperature monitoring via embedded or infrared temperature sensors
  • Compressor sequencing for efficiency and energy conservation
  • Condenser staging and Chiller control
  • Compressor and jacket cooling pump control
  • Ice temperature and lighting event scheduling
  • Subfloor warming, snow melt pump, and exhaust fan control
  • Optional facility interface using BACNet or Modbus


Industrial Split Packages

The single unit, split package control systems are off-the-shelf and can be field-configured for several options. A number of units can be connected to a PC Monitoring system with an Ethernet connection or serial connection, providing visualization at the floor level of your facility. Through PC Monitor Enterprise, room temperatures and evaporator/compressor status can be displayed and monitored. The zone control includes liquid feed runtime defrost, room temperature setpoint scheduling, fan cycling with temperature, and a fan-sampling feature that mixes room air to determine if cooling is required.

  • Reliable, long-life, microprocessor-based control system
  • Single unit control with up to two fans
  • Compressor monitoring and safeties
  • Automated temperature scheduling
  • Detailed logging for sensors, alarms, and failures
  • Optional local LCD graphic display and keypad
  • Local and remote access using PC Monitor Enterprise
  • Energy-efficient defrost methods and scheduling
  • A defrost queue limits multiple zones in defrost at same time
  • Air unit fan cycling based on temperature
  • Room fan sampling to avoid operation when not required
  • Power failure restart sequencing
  • Support for peak load shedding and scheduled load shifting

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