Field-Erected Systems

Pressure Vessels

Accumulators, intercoolers, and receivers

Refrigerants : Ammonia or CO2

Industry : Industrial

M&M Carnot has been manufacturing refrigeration pressure vessels since 1986. We manufacture our vessels to requirements set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and our work is inspected by the National Board of Boiler Inspectors. When appropriate, we use radiography to ensure vessel strength. In addition, our welders are ASME certified, and all materials are inspected and issued certificates of compliance.

Customer Benefits

  • ASME certified to meet industrial standards
  • Large range of sizes and pressures available
  • Stainless steels available
  • In-house radiography and shell rolling
  • All vessels are designed with stress and weight analysis
  • Optional pump package controller provides level control, pump staging, and anti-cavitation control

Available Pressure Vessel Package Options

  • Horizontal and vertical high-pressure receivers
  • Vertical Accumulators and Intercoolers
  • Single and Dual Flow horizontal surge drums
  • Horizontal and vertical recirculatory bare vessels

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