Packaged Systems

Refrigerants : Ammonia/CO2

Industry : Industrial

The Pure Freeze low-charge ammonia cascade system is designed for low-temperature industrial refrigeration applications.


Customer Benefits

  • Energy efficient cascade system
  • Superior part-load efficiency versus a screw compressor
  • Single-point power connection
  • Lower maintenance
  • Long product life
  • Outdoor, indoor, floor or roof mounted
  • Insulated cold piping and vessels
  • Full access doors for commissioning, start-up and service

Design Features

  • Cooling capacities ranging from 40 to 200 tons at -20F to -60F refrigerant temperature
  • Direct driven industrial NH3 and CO2 reciprocating compressors
  • Unique shell & tube cascade condenser with double tubesheet protection
  • PLC-based control system with touchscreen user interface

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