Field-Erected Systems

Screw Compressors

Single Stage and Booster

Refrigerants : Ammonia

Industry : Industrial

Used in a wide range of industrial refrigeration applications, our compressor packages are built to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency, operational safety, trouble-free operation, and easy maintenance.

Customer Benefits

  • Adjustable capacity with variable-speed drive option ensures maximum part load efficiencies
  • Large range of sizes to fit any application
  • Comes standard with advanced screw compressor controller panel
  • Small footprint maximizes engine room space
  • Low oil carry-over with compact, three-stage ASME oil separator

Design Features

  • Liquid injection oil cooling
  • Suction strainer
  • Suction and discharge check valves
  • 15-micron oil filter
  • OSHA approved flexible coupling guard
  • Stepless capacity control

Available screw compressor package options

  • Dual compressor packages and larger custom factory-assembled packages available
  • Alternative compressor motor enclosures
  • Numerous compressor motor starter configurations
  • Thermosyphon and water-water cooled oil cooling options?
  • Single-stage compressor package with factory-installed DX economizer
  • Economizer port valve station for flash economizer systems
    • Dual oil filters
    • Variable Vi
    • Suction and discharge stop valves

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