Case Studies

Canneberges Bécancour Cranberry Farm

Canneberges Bécancour partnered with M&M Carnot to develop a cranberry freezing facility that utilizes a CO2 refrigeration system to deliver positive energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

Cranberry Harvesting


One of the most productive cranberry farms in North America required an industrial process refrigeration system to freeze freshly harvested cranberries before distribution. Canneberges Bécancour sought a natural refrigeration solution that offered reliability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Cranberries Cold Storage


M&M Carnot designed and installed a CO2 refrigeration system that operates in subcritical mode on most cooling days and in the supercritical mode only when necessary. The design mimics a rack system used in supermarket refrigeration and was factory-built and delivered to the site as a freestanding, self-contained system. For Canneberges Bécancour’s cranberry-freezing facility, three rack systems were developed. Each rack contains 13 reciprocating compressors and includes both high- and low-side components.


Constructed in less than six months, the new system delivers maximum energy efficiency, including minimal time in supercritical mode, and maximized heat recovery for underfloor heating, space heating, and process water. The installed cost for the entire refrigeration system and machine room was about $4,000/TR. The nominal design power consumption is approximately 2.2 kW/TR. Results were impressive enough for Canneberges Bécancour to expand its plant with a similar all-CO2 refrigeration system from M&M Carnot. The addition more than doubles production capacity to exceed 60 million pounds per harvest.

60 Million lbs. Icon

“M&M Carnot enabled us to double production capacity to exceed 60 million pounds per harvest.”

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