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Bell Canada

In 2012, M&M Carnot partnered with Bell Canada to create a cooling system that would maintain the company’s business-critical data centers. Rigorous discussions with the customer, excellent lab results, and innovative technology yielded a highly cost-effective solution that increased sustainability.

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With an exponential growth in data traffic comes the need for clean, efficient, and sustainable cooling technologies to expand data rooms. In 2012, Bell Canada was facing a big challenge: most of their server room cooling systems were using synthetic refrigerants — either HCFCs or HFC. The company needed to find an alternative cooling solution that was both sustainable and cost-effective.

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A suitable alternative to synthetic refrigerants, M&M Carnot’s patented AQUILON™ technology cools data center rooms without the requirements of a compressor, pump, or added fresh air. By using R-744, a natural refrigerant, the AQUILON™ solution was sustainable, cost-effective, and eliminated any future phase-outs.


Bell Canada currently runs forty-four AQUILON™ units across their twenty data centers. The solution has proven its reliability and efficiency by decreasing energy consumption for cooling by up to 80%. What’s more, this innovative cooling system runs 90% of the year in free-cooling. Bell Canada’s AQUILON™ units delivered a positive cost-benefits ratio and have increased overall profitability with an average ROI in three years.

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80% decrease in energy consumption.

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