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A world-leading technology company with $16 billion in annual revenue and 15.2 million customer connections, partnered with MMC to future-proof their data center’s Computer Room Air Conditioner system and positively impact the environment.

Telus - Data Center - Case Study Challenge


TELUS was tasked with meeting their energy and greenhouse gas reduction objectives by phasing out the ozone depleting refrigerant their systems currently used. MMC worked with the company to replace the existing CRAC system located at their 465 m2 (5000 ft2) data center in Quebec.

Telus - Data Center - Case Study Solution


MMC replaced TELUS’ old R22 refrigeration system with the Carnot Aquilon™ Computer Room Air Conditioning unit. The Aquilon™ CO2 system uses R-744 (CO2) natural refrigerant with “Rain Cycle Free Cooling.” When outside temperatures permit, the refrigerant flows between the outside condenser and inside evaporator – all without the use of a pump or a compressor.


Able to stabilize the data centers temperature to 23ºC/73.4ºF year-round, the Aquilon™ CO2 system delivered energy savings of 60% in its first year of operation, plus a 14% decrease in the building’s overall level of power consumption. This sustainable solution is projected to provide TELUS with a return on their investment in approximately two years.

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60%energy savings in 1-year.

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