New M&M Carnot V4 Microcontroller

Press Release:

Annapolis, Md., September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire 

Re: New M&M Carnot V4 Microcontroller (System Controller and Screw Compressor Controller) 

M&M Carnot is excited to announce the launch of the new product upgrade of the V4 hardware for its system controller and compressor controller panels. We developed the major product upgrade to meet customer needs for a sustainable industrial solution and to extend the life of fielded control systems for the future. Along with communication upgrades, the new V4 microcontroller is now field updatable with a new Industrial Grade USB port, minimizing downtime by providing the user with the capability to receive updates from M&M Carnot via email or download. Finally, with facilities, and processes, becoming more complex, the new V4 Micro Processor has 33% more program memory to manage applications of all sizes. The new V4 hardware is retrofittable into exiting panels with minor software upgrades. M&M Carnot has also recently launched its panel-mounted PC touchscreen as an option to provide a more enhanced user experience for the V4 hardware.

M&M Carnot recently received the Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, a global market accelerator of clean cooling and heating solutions.

About M&M Carnot

M&M Carnot is well-known throughout the industry for the design and fabrication of industrial refrigeration systems across a variety of applications, including cold storage, food processing, ice rinks, and ground freezing. M&M Carnot is an acknowledged leader in CO2-cascade refrigeration systems and Natural Refrigerant Solutions. We pioneered the use of CO2 transcritical refrigeration in North America for commercial & industrial applications including data centers, food processing facilities, cold-storage warehouses, supermarkets, ice rinks, and other industrial applications. M&M Carnot headquarters is in Annapolis, MD; manufacturing locations are in Maryland, Florida, Washington, and Quebec.

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