M&M Carnot Hosts a Webinar for the Open Compute Project Focusing on Heat Reuse CO2 Heat Pumps

ITE and data center design efficiency is just one factor in minimizing the carbon footprint associated with energy usage of a data center – use of renewable resources and reuse of its waste energy can have a positive impact as well.

Almost 100% of the energy used in a processor turns into heat.

Up until very recently this has been a liability and a challenge, immense quantity of heat needed to be removed employing even more energy for it. With the proper design, data center cooling systems can be converted into a heat source and a heat management opportunity that in turn converts the heat from a liability to an asset.

The OCP Heat Reuse subgroup explores these challenges and opportunities. Its goal is to suggest solutions to allow easier implementations of technologies aimed at harnessing the heat and turn it into profit instead of a cost.This Project is open to the public and we welcome all those who would like to be involved.

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