M&M Carnot Launches Industrial Grade Controllers for Pure and Aquilon Packaged Product Lines

Industrial grade controller solutions for natural industrial refrigeration packages, providing ultimate capability for Ammonia, Subcritical CO2, and Transcritical CO2

M&M Carnot continues to innovate in the natural refrigeration industry, focused on natural refrigeration equipment and on the controls that maximize system operating efficiency! During the upcoming 2023 IIAR Convention, in Long Beach, CA, M&M Carnot will showcase new industrial controller platforms for their recently launched Aquilon and Pure packaged product lines.

Historically, packaged products have utilized commercial grade controllers which drastically limit the capability of the package in industrial refrigeration applications. Understanding the need for industrial grade controllers on industrial packages, M&M Carnot expanded their controller offering from microcontroller technology to PLC technology for their Pure packaged product lines to meet industrial processing standards.

With the rise of CO2 applications in industrial refrigeration, M&M Carnot executed a plan to utilize internal controller experts and their newly acquired Logix team to develop and test a complete controller product line for the newly developed Aquilon packaged product line. To further enhance the user experience and capability of the controller platform, both M&M Carnot and Logix also provide supervisory controllers to manage all packages and complete refrigeration systems. In November 2022, M&M Carnot announced that the Pulse remote refrigeration management platform is available for both M&M Carnot system controllers and Logix system controllers. This provides real time visibility into multiple facilities on one common dashboard.

“Innovation within the industrial refrigeration industry is focused on the use of natural refrigeration equipment and controls for both traditional ammonia and newly emerging CO2 systems. The M&M Carnot team continues to be a pioneer and provide the industry with essential solutions.”   –  Antonio De Lourdes (Director of Business Development and Marketing)

About M&M CarnotM&M Carnot, owned by Source Capital LLC, is a pioneer and manufacturer of natural refrigerant-based [ammonia and carbon dioxide] products, packages, systems, and sustainable controller solutions. Their commercial and industrial refrigeration applications include refrigerated warehouses, food processing, wineries, dairies, arenas, pharma, data centers, and supermarkets. M&M Carnot headquarters is in Annapolis, MD; manufacturing locations are in Maryland, Florida, and Quebec. Logix®, acquired in 2022 by M&M Carnot, has offices in Washington to serve the industrial refrigeration market with innovative control solutions for wineries, cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, and processing plants.

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